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TAEKWONDO FOR the benefit of all mankind

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  • Exclusively for the 5 and 6 year old students

  • Patient, enthusiastic instructors make learning fun

  • Fosters self-confidence and socializing skills

  • Builds coordination & balance

  • Start healthy habits early

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  • High energy, fun classes

  • Students learn respect, self-discipline, and perseverance

  • Greater focus leads to academic success

  • Learn the power of goal setting

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  • Total body work out

  • Practical self-defense skills

  • Taught with understanding for your age and fitness level

  • Flexible Class schedule

  • Great way to relieve stress

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  • Special class times allow families to train together

  • Great bonding experience

  • Share the journey to black belt together


Master C. Leitzke

Master Hong is not only a talented martial artist; he is also an amazing Taekwondo instructor. 

He is always kind and his instruction is very clear and simple.  He teaches by example, always being positive, enthusiastic, and respectful. 

You are very lucky to have Master Hong as your Taekwondo instructor!

Kelly Sue DeConnick

I cannot properly express what Master Hong’s tutelage has meant for our family. The physical training has been wonderful, but the real win has been what’s it’s done for us as people.

We’ve seen our children’s confidence grow, their ability to handle their anxiety has improved and they are beginning to show an affinity for a kind of graceful leadership that I know will serve them, their future families and their communities well in the years to come. 


Master Hong has also modeled for my husband and I a parenting style that is always kind and understanding, and motivated by love and respect.

They way he inspires his students to bring out their best selves is truly a gift.

Dirk Hohndel

Taekwondo is more than just a sport. Taekwondo is a way to approach life. Respect, perseverance, integrity, focus... those are all skills that go beyond the Taekwondo studio.

Master Hong is an amazing role model in what that means, both for children (my twin daughters have studied with him since they were five) as well as for myself and my wife.

In the eight years since we started training under Master Hong, we have admired his expertise in the martial art, his precision and competence as an athlete, and even more so his skill as an inspiring and personable teacher. He has motivated us to always try harder, to always reach further, to believe in ourselves and to push ourselves to exceed our own expectations.

The way in which Master Hong shares his energy and knowledge with his students is what made Taekwondo fun fur us.

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