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  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo

  • Taekwondo Instructor

       - Certified by KUKKIWON

  • ​1st Degree Black Belt in Hapkido


  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo

       - Certified by KOREA JUDO ASSOCIAION

  • Head Master Instructor of World Champion Taekwondo Lake Oswego, OR  (2010~2019)

  • LAO P.D.R Champasak Province Taekwondo Team Coach (2008~2010)

  • KUKKIWON Taekwondo Demonstration Team member (2007~2008)

  • ATU(Asia Taekwondo Union) Demonstration Team member (2004~2007)

  • Kyungwon University Taekwondo Demonstration Team Captain and Coach (2006~2007)

 Master Hong received a degree in Taekwondo from Kyungwon University and as a professional "Kukkiwon" Taekwondo demonstration team member, he has shared his Taekwondo skills with audiences all around the world. 

 Master Hong has spent over 8 years working with 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist and 8 time world champion, Grand Master Je Kyoung Kim, owner of "World Champion Taekwondo" in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

 When Master Hong teaches Taekwondo, he focuses on not only Taekwondo skills but also on his student's attitudes. He believes that a good attitude is one of the most important values of Taekwondo. Master Hong teaches his students respect, focus, confidence and discipline through their Taekwondo training. He is always positive and always puts his best effort and energy into every class. 

 "World Champion Taekwondo" is recognized as one of the top martial arts organizations in the nation, with 15 locations and over 3,000 active students, all benefiting from the "World Champion Taekwondo" program. 

Come experience our nationally recognized Taekwondo program at

"Master Hong's World Champion Taekwondo"!

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