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Earning a Black Belt isn't just about what you learn, Its about what you become.

 The majority of our adult students started with no previous martial arts experience. They came to our school for a variety of reasons ranging from exercise and stress relief to learning self-defense or gaining self-confidence.

 Tae Kwon Do makes an excellent workout, with each class including a thorough stretching routine, bursts of cardio intense drills, plus body weight and core focused strength exercises.

 For over twenty-five years we have helped thousands of men and woman to achieve their personal goals in an atmosphere that is welcoming and motivating.


Classes are led by instructors who will not only know your name,

but where you are on your journey to blackbelt,

including your fitness level and potential physical limitations!

 You will also be surrounded by a great group of classmates who will encourage and motivate you. This might just be the most fun you’ll ever have working out!

 Adults also appreciate that the time they spend learning Tae Kwon Do empowers them with personal protection skills. You will learn numerous blocking, kicking and striking techniques as well as releases from a variety of grabs and holds. Over time you will gain the self-confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing how to defend yourself.

 You may be surprised what a positive impact TaeKwonDo has on your daily life. Many of our adult students tell us that they found themselves becoming calmer, more focused, and goal oriented in their personal and professional life. That is part of why we say martial arts isn’t just a workout but a lifestyle.

 At Master Hong's World Champion Taekwondo, we provide Adults:

  • Learning self-defense

  • Better health and wellness

  • Less stress

  • Mind body coordination

  • Increased confidence

  • The chance to learning something new

  • A fun form of exercise

  • Meeting friendly people

  • Being part of a positive and encouraging atmosphere

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