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Believing In Yourself Starts Early!

 If you are looking for a fun, new activity for your 5 or 6-year-old child, consider Master Hong's World Champion Taekwondo Little Tigers martial arts classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

 Each thirty-minute session includes exercises to develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Little tigers run, jump, kick, and have a great time while improving their athleticism and the enjoyment of being physically active.
They also learn basic social skills as they practice in a group, cooperate with a partner, and learn to focus on a teacher and follow verbal instructions. This is an excellent way to prepare your child for greater success at school and other team sports.

Classes are safe, high energy, and upbeat!

 Our Little Tigers instructors are friendly and encouraging and have plenty of experience working with children in this age group. We use a small student to teacher ratio to ensure that each child gets the individual attention that is crucial to learning fundamentals properly.

 Our philosophy is to help students to develop their self-confidence through encouragement, praise, and motivating them to attempt new activities. Each technique is taught in a step by step manner in a language that younger children can understand. We use a variety of different drills, training tools, and teaching methods to keep classes varied and fun.

 Our specially designed, age appropriate curriculum leads students through a series of striped belts on a regular schedule, enabling them to learn to set and achieve goals and to build their self-confidence.

 At Master Hong's World Champion Taekwondo, we provide preschoolers and kindergarteners:

  • Increased focus and self-control

  • A structured learning environment

  • Patient and enthusiastic instructors

  • An early introduction to exercise for building life-long healthy habits

  • A great outlet to burn off excess energy

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